Nov 4, 2008

What's the importance of Daylight Saving Time and why countries like the United States, Canada and North America has to observe such changes of their time every year?

Here's a brief history about it:

Daylight saving time is observed when clocks and other timepieces are set ahead so that the sun will rise and set later in the day as measured by civil time. the amount of daylight on a given day of the year at any given latitude is fixed, but over the year the hours of sunrise and sunsets vary from day to day. During the summer months, the sun rises earlier and sets later and that there are more hours of daylight. If clocks are set ahead on the spring by some amount (usually one hour), the sun will rise and set later in the day as measured by those clocks. This provides more usable hours of daylight for activities that occur in the afternoon and evening such as outdoor recreation. Daylight saving time can also be a means of conserving electrical and other forms of energy. In the fall, as the period of daylight grows shorter, clocks are set back to correspond to standard time.


Me and JK actually met during Fall season of last year... 14th of November to be exact. DST for us means an hour longer for us to spend time with each other everyday and a longer sleep for him during the night. And oh, a longer hour for me to wait for him for his lunch break too... huhu!!! :-(

poor me ^_^


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