Nov 9, 2008

Hello here... happy weekend people... I got too busy with not really so important things lately. I realized it's been three days since I last posted here. Hmm... enough with Obama ... masyado na mahaba exposure niya sa page ko... let's give way this time for Michelle. (Obama pa rin 'no... lol!)

Michelle Obama... Barack's wife and the newest United State's first lady that is... I know this is kind of a delayed topic but I was just wondering, what's in that "striking red-black dress" she wore during the last election that made such a "snap bomb" for the media especially the fashion critics that "seems" so worth digging about.

Apparently, lots of people around the blogosphere and fashion industry weren't feeling that Narciso Rodriguez creation that she wore during her husband's victory night at Chicago's Grant Park.

Personally, I really don't see any wrong with her dress. Besides, she wasn't there for a fashion walk, at least I believe so... I wish they would have realized to have at least given her a break and let her relish that grandiose moment along with her family instead of stealing the publics' attention away from her...

Sigh!! How pathetic! Hmm... What do you think would invade into these people's hypercritical mind to make fuss with if it weren't Michelle's dress?

Could it be her shoes...

her hair style...

or her nail polish perhaps???


grabe naman. pero actually di ko rin gusto ang damit pero ok lang naman . she wasn't there for a fashion walk sabi mo nga. pero juz ko no. kevs lang sa pagsusuot nang damit.

i like obama. apply na tayo nang visa heheheh


same here. i don't see anything wrong with the dress. well, you know naman, you can't please everybody, and there are some people rin talaga na walang ibang magawa kundi mangilatis at maghanap ng mali. it's part of the society na. what's new, diba sis? taray! haha.

sabi ko sleep na ko pero i thought of dropping by here na rin. hehe.


we are here in indonesia... love obama so much....we're glad he became Mr. President...


We can't blame her for her choice of clothes to wear. she is just a woman who does not care to the directives of the stylist. She is comfortable with it. who the hell care, anyway. right? I didn't notice how bad or good she looked on that dress..or maybe because i was too focused on Barack Obama. Critics talaga.. they're everywhere. :D

I like your post.


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