Nov 9, 2008

My PR is back! Thanks to Google... and thanks to Lainy's blog too, lol! It was from her cbox, this morning, I have read a friend of her reminding her that her PR was back and just out of curiosity, I opened to check mine too. I typed in this page's URL and hit "check" button and there's the PR 2! This is so surprising!

It was only last month since I decided to re-launch this page after almost a year of abandonment. And now its PR that used to be 3 has finally found its way back to where it used to stay (nga lang, nabawasan ng isa...) but no big deal... At least now it's starting to re-establish.

Thanks Google!


congrats, sis! cheers! :)


congrats! may you have more.

tahnks for the visit!


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