Nov 19, 2008

Do you wonder why water not calm the tongue after eating hot spicy food?

The spices in most of the hot foods that we eat are oily, and like what our high school science teacher taught us, oil and water don't mix. In this case, the water just rolls over the oily spices.
To calm that aching tongue, try to eat bread. The bread will absorb the oily spices.

Or drink milk. Milk contains a substance called "casein" which will bind to the spices and carry them away.

And to those men (and women too) who can't get rid of alcohol, hmm... make no mistake about it. Alcohol may dissolves oily spices but mind you... drinking out of moderation can dissolve your liver too!


clever girl....matakot sana yung alcoholic hahaha..nice to be here


thanks Amy...I really don't drink kaya ako ang natatakot para sa kanila.


I gulp down Coca-cola, it helps ;)
Just passing through and I like your style of writing!


thanks gorgeous...I'll find time to visit your site soon. TC!


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