Dec 1, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to the Desperate Blogger of Pinay Mom Blogs for winning my little fun activity here last week. How I wish I could give out a price but as I have said the winner will be featured here and that's all I could afford for now. I actually haven't known yet the real name behind this so creatively looking blog however, I see how desperate this blogger is, lol! cause she never runs out of interesting stories to share. And if not, well I guess her blog won't be featured here.

Anyways, here are the desperate blogger's winning answers for the following trivia questions here:

1. all are continents and each name starts and ends in the same letter.
2. almost
3. hummingbirds
4. moon
5. elbow
6. Rome
7. left
8. hahaha.. Dentist?
9. Vatican
10. the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Thank you so much for joining, mommy!

Meanwhile I also would like to acknowledge Ria of Live Love Laugh and Lynn of Sweet Temptation for taking the time to participate. You can check out their other blogs by clicking their respective blog links above. Thank you so much ladies not only for constantly visiting my blogs but also for the friendship we shared in this community.

Once again, congratulations to the three of you... and oh December is here, so advance Merry Christmas to all!


wow! thank you for the nice words sis and for the kind mention kahit di kumpleto sagot ko. yun lang kaya ng powers ko eh. LOL.

pamasko ko sis ha. hahahaha!

ingatz! mwah!


I think this is a very generouse thing you have done... Congrats to the winner...


wow! ako pala nanalo. =)

here's wishing all in my blog roll a safe, prosperous and a happy new year.

Manna From Heaven
Pinay Mom Blogs... and Life goes on


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