Dec 7, 2008

"Whats the title of that song again?"

We get to hear music everyday at work. It's what keeping the place alive and it's what keeping us awake till late at night... Sometimes, it drives me crazy whenever someone asks me about the title of a certain song and I can't tell what it was, lol! Why on earth does it take me forever to recall even a simple thing?

Memory loss?

Well, I noticed I am being so forgetful lately so that prompts me to seek some informations that might help me to overcome such predicament and here's what I found from the web.

What exactly is Amnesia?

Amnesia is a condition in which someone can't recall stored memories. There are several types of Amnesia:
  • Anterograde amnesia - inability to remember ongoing events after theincidence of trauma or the onset of the disease that caused the amnesia.
  • Emotional/Hysterical amnesia - memory loss caused by psychological trauma, usually a temporary condition.
  • Lacunar amnesia - inability to remember specific event.
  • Korsakoff amnesia - memory loss caused by chronic alcoholism.
  • Posthypnotic amnesia - memory loss sustained from a hypnotic state; can conclude inability to recall events that occurred during hypnosis or information stored in long-term memory.
  • Retrograde amnesia - inability to remember events that occurred before the incidence of trauma or the onset of the disease that caused the amnesia.
  • Transient Global amnesia - spontaneous memory loss that can last from minutes to several hours; usually seen in middle-aged to elderly people.
If you think you're suffering any symptoms of amnesia, where do you think you fall among these several types of conditions listed above?

The brain has the most amazing functions among human organs if we only know how it truly works. And in order to understand how the loss of memory works, it is important to know how we store memories in to our brain in the first place.



lacunar amnesia! i have this one once in a while. medyo lang. hehe. amnesia jud kaha ni or sign of old age na? lol


thanks for sharing, Lynn...can't we just be old without a sign like this?! lol!


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