Jan 6, 2009

Can't remember receiving any blog awards yet since I re-launched this blog some few months ago. Making somebody recognize and appreciating your effort by throwing out awards like these is what made blogging more fun and being thought of is such a heart-warming experience.

I owe these three wonderful recognitions below from Weng, my fellow DavaoeƱa blogger, the so demure, Ria and Lynn, who's blogs is one of my most visited. Hope to meet you two in person one of these days... Thank you so much for appreciating.

The top award is also for Ria and all the rest goes to Liza and Amy, Cecile, Dez and Femikey. Thanks to all of you for being such a nice and blogging buddies!


wow! congratulations, ang dami! thanks for sharing them with me. i'll post it soon :D


thanks ate for the award. I'm hoping to meet you in person as well. Hopefully this march when I come for visit the Philippines I will see you. Keep up the good work po. You are a good writer and you deserved the awards. Your inspiring me!


thanks for the tag dar :-) sure appreciate your thoughts. i will grab the fabolous one, the two are posted already on my blogs :-)

i have a tag for you, too at my new blog : http://mylittleone-jacob.com

thanks and ingat!


hello sis...

pareho diay ta gihuna huna. hehe. everytime naa ko tag or awards, apil jud ka sa lista pirmi. wa jud nay absent. unta lang di ka pul-an nako. hahaha.

ingatz. i'm not feeling well eh. night night.


thank you, lynn...hope i won't miss any of them. limtanon raba kaau ko, lol! paila jud ba...


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