Jan 9, 2009

Having a good night of fun and drinking with friends can be a pleasing experience once in a while. I don't wanna excuse my self on this. And I haven't start learning how to drink alcohol yesterday so I know how it feels like a having a head-rattling hangover that sets in the next morning. While there is no certain ways to get rid of the evil hangover, there are some ways that would somehow ease the pain and would help you recover a little quicker.

Step 1:

Water intake. One of the reasons you have shakes in the morning is because your body is so dehydrated. Drinking lots of water before you go to bed is a great way to balance out the alcohol and keep your body hydrated for the next morning. However, it may also upset your stomach so too much is a big no, no.

Step 2:

Avoid drinking water the next morning. Drinking water the night before is a good idea, but drinking water the next morning might not be such a good idea. Try to find something like a fruit juices that has electrolytes and some taste to it. This will help relieve your stomach and hydrate your body.

Step 3:

Pain reliever. Once you wake up in the morning and it still feels like someone is pounding on your head, you may want to take a doze of pain reliever. While this won't settle your stomach, it will help with the headache.

Step 4:

Eat something. It maybe the last thing on your mind but having something to munch is a good idea especially if it's something that can absorb the alcohol in your body. You don't have to stuff your face, but do try to get something into your stomach as soon as possible.

Step 5:

Take a bath
. Even though you just want to sleep in bed all day, you will have to get up at some point. After getting up, make sure you hop in the bathroom right away and work your way over to a cold shower.

Step 6.

Get active. Now that you have had a shower and still may not be feeling good, you still need to get up and move. You don't have to do anything athletic, but at least walk around for a while and get the blood flowing.

So next time you go out drinking, do remember some of these ideas to get rid of that hangover. However if you don't want that after morning, shaky feeling at all, better stay and just don't drink, instead!


remember those times hinuon, sis nga as in nahubog ko. there were a few times lang naman. 3 times ra ko nahubog, during a get together in my first job, during a get together with barkada and during my barkada's shower party. hinumdum pa jud nako tanan. kapoy baya mahubog oi pero na missed ko na and gusto ko mahubog usab.

tagay ta sis. LOL.


cge lang sis... we'll include that in our "to do list" puhon magkita ta...hahaha!


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