Jan 11, 2009

One thing I am fascinated about the last job I have had was the chance to meet the pool table and to learn how to play the game, itself. I have been to several bars with billiard halls around here before but it was only when I got the job that I actually was drawn to hold the stick and pocket or miss the balls. Sure... we will never get to realize the benefits and entertainment value of a certain game until we try and learn how to play it ourselves.

While sitting and thinking how I miss playing the game, I have gathered here some bits of information on how the famous Pocket Billiards or the "Larong Istambay" (bystanders' game) as what they call it here in the Philippines had started.

- wooden stick
"Bille" - a ball

Either of these two French words is believed to be where the term "Billiard" is derived from.

Inspired by the famous outdoor European's croquet in 1500s, the game was moved indoors at some point and played on green cloth covered table, presumably, to simulate a lawn. That's how the game "Billiard" came to life.

French Kings down to the lowest Commoners, Presidents, Ladies, Gentlemen and Hustlers played billiards alike. It became a full-fledged sport in Europe and eventually spread to many cities and towns all over the continent. Billiards became a full-fledged sport in Europe and eventually spread to many cities and towns all over the continent.

Today, this universally popular indoor game that is enjoyed by people of all ages and both sexes is traditionally played in bars, clubs, pubs and special pool or billiard halls.

The Pocket Billiards is commonly referred to as pool. Played on a pool table, having 6 receptacles known as "pockets" or holes on each corner of the table and then one on each side in which balls are deposited as the main goal of the play. Although, how and where you shoot the balls can vary from game to game. The most popular pocket billiard games consists of the 8 ball; 9 ball, Snooker, Straight Pool, One Pocket and the English Billiards.

For the general rules and how to play each of these game, you can check it out here.


billiards! yah! u yold me about dat...hehe...
enweis i'm sori bwt ur father... :(
cheer :)

have a nice day my friend :)


galing naman hihii :D musta na? sorry grabe ang busy ko talga ngaun dahil sa bago kong work. wala na akong time mag blog minsan or mag visit man lang :(


ok lang yan jules oi... atleast nakakpag update ka pa naman :-)


hello!! gusto ko talagang matutong maglaro ng billiards..kaya lang di mabait ang taco sa akin eh hehehe anywayz..sportsminded din naman ako, kaya lang mas gusto ko ang basketball.. (=


@ riyah
still a great sports riyah. goodluck!


elow sis. musta na? uli naka davao?

awards for u here...


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