Jan 24, 2009

Here comes another weekend. Time to leave all work-related worries behind for a while... chill out and relax with your friends and loved ones on a beach, park or perhaps just a movie date at home with your family. But of course, before we do all that, we need to clear out that laundry net/basket first. Here is something you need to know to keep that bright and shiny white color of your sheets and clothes at home.

photo source: yahoo flicker

During the time of Moses, Cleopatra, Jesus Christ, and other people of old times, there was no bleaching powder for clothes. But how did they clean and bleach the clothes, papers and other materials? Simply wet the cloth and place it under the sun. Before it dries, pour or splash water several times. Although the whole process may take about four hours, the water vapor and sunlight will produce enzyme that removes stain and brings the cloth back to its original color. In this way, no toxic or chemical pollutants are produced.

See? Our ancestor's wisdom are still wiser as ever...

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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