Jan 3, 2009

Wow... exactly a week since I last updated... not nice, huh! yeah and since I owe you some update, I would like to talk about something eye-popping this time.

2008 has been a wacky year. We've witnessed a lot of history making highlights happening around the world. So as we are making our way in to 2009, let's stop and have a glance at the trends we can look forward to for this brand new year.

What's IN and what's OUT?

In politics across the world, obviously George Bush is out. Barack Obama, the new US President elect is in. No matter how many views the Sarah Palin's Youtube videos were getting, Republicans are still pretty much out while democrats are in.

"Yes, we can" is in. "No, we can't" is out.

Overspending is always out. Doing alternatives is in. Say finding things to do around the house instead of spending your money for unnecessary things.

Big cars were out when the gas price went sky high... Although there is always a room for oil price rollback :-)

Original buys are out. People are starting to wipe the face of the Recording Industry off the earth. Seeing people discovering music from websites and have it downloaded themselves is an evident cause of the industry failure. Coldplay is in.

Among gamers, play station and Xbox are both out. Wii is in because unlike those other two game systems, it’s much more likely to create a scheme in which you accidentally whip the controller through the TV screen.

One of the new American heroes, Michael Phelps who brought home eight gold medals during the Summer Beijing Olympics is in. Mark Spitz is out.

Of course, the Philippine's pride boxing champ, Manny "Pacman" Paquio exceptionally beats Mexico's Oscar "The Golden Boy" dela Hoya by a TKO on the 8th round during the dream match and biggest boxing fight of 2008 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Philippine's still in. Mexico's out.

Social Networking
Email is now out in the lieu of social networking. Instant messenger is in.

Hair Styles
Night out in the town and messy updo are in. Beehive and bob are out. See how to easily do these hairstyles here.

"Twilight" can never be beat for most teenage girls (um... and even adults.) But those who are bone-thrilled thinks the more they read the books, the more likely it seems that Edward will come to life and marry them, LOL!

Hmm...what else do you think are in and out for this year? Feel free to post your comment.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Photos courtesy of yahoo flicker


With a New Year there always New beginnings and things pushed out...
It is up to each individual to what they want to keep, re-new, start, or toss out... With a new year in play people have to decide what it is they want, hope, and Pray for...

I hope and pray for us to work out this year... We are my goal this year...


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