Apr 29, 2009

It took me hours to dig out photos that correspond to each query of this tag. Tough task but it was fun. Thanks to G-Anne for sharing this one to me... really enjoyed it :-)

Here it goes...
1. A picture of you that shows what you do when you're bored.

2. A picture of you in a team or club you were in.
(I have pictures in an organization from way back in college but digital cameras aren't still in during that time so right now I am presenting instead my personal team... my family! Consist of my Mom, my daughter close to me and the rest are my nieces.)

3. A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits.
(I always love wearing tops and but what made this one extra special is because it's a gift from a special someone :-P)

4. The youngest picture of yourself you can find in a digital form.
(The photo was taken at the reception of the Baptismal celebration I attended 3 years ago)

5. A picture of the real you.

6. A picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.
(JK and I used to watch our favorite WWE together. All body wrapped with a blanket so obviously I feel cold in this pic. Cebu's weather is quite unpredictable. Low pressure loves to sneak around, LOL! Anyways, here what the cold weather did to me while trying to watch the game...

7. A picture of you in your room.

8. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.
(Another WWE moment with JK featuring one of my fav WWE superstars, Mr. Shoe Stopper, Sean Michaels)

9. A picture of you that you had no idea was being taken.
(This is just but one of the countless stolen screen shots I have in my file. I bet you already have a clue who the responsible is :D)

10. A picture of you on your birthday.
(Taken during my 28th birthday. Since I was at work, I just treated my sister and her family out for lunch)

11. A picture of a time when everything was changing.
(So very long story so let me just keep it to myself)

12. A picture that makes you smile.
(just simply love this one :-))

13. A picture that you hate.
(Not really hate... and it's not the picture itself that I don't like but my bulging figure. I didn't know that a mass has been growing inside my body and that's what made me looks like preggy in this photo.)

There's no RULE... just enjoy it... anyone is free to grab the tag. Just don't fail to leave a message through the comment section of this page.

Have fun!


hehehe....very nice....some one tag me this....dko na ma alala pero, dko ma post, nasira PC ko eh

nice to hear from you girl


hi nancy!
i like this tag. can i grab it too? hehe =)

linked u already :)


sure girl. would love to see some pics of you :D thanks for the link!


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