Apr 28, 2009

With my inactivity lately, I really don't think I deserve to receive blogging commendations like this though can't refuse one especially when it comes from a nice friend and a dedicated blogger as Lynn.

Muchos Gracias, sister for letting me win this indeed Oscar-like award!


hello, sis. glad that u're back. thank u for posting this. nalingaw ko tanaw sa imo pics sa taas ba. labi na tong wacky face. og katong gikuhaan ka stolen pic while naa sa kusine. lol. si jk guro kuha ato ya. hehe.

anyways, naa na pud ko tag nimo. kani bagay jud ni nimo...:)


haha... tama jud ka, sis. dako kaayo niya ng talent. LOL!


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