May 29, 2009

I'm not a real traveler by heart but somehow I have dreamed to explore my own country... to lay a step on some of the amazing and peoples' most visited places like the Philippines famous tourist destinations. But the thing is, I am too lazy to carry a luggage with me. When I went to Cebu last year, I only brought a handy garment bag with only a few pair of clothes and personal stuffs in it.

But when I decided to come home after almost a year after, a travel without a carry-on luggage would no longer work for me. I just can't go leaving my most important blogging buddy behind... my computer. I spent a day at the city looking for a dependable luggage that would safely shield my dear PC till I can make it home. Good thing I found a block of briefcases and expandable wheeled carry-on luggage that were on sale that day. I was so lucky to have brought home one at just half of its original price. One thing that I so much like about it was its lightweight yet intensely durable feature. For me it was indeed a catch of the day.

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