May 17, 2009

I must admit JK and I is just but one of the million products of long distance relationship (LDR) and we still are until now. Sounds cheesy but like many others we too found each other in a public chat room. Well I should say by accident because I was never there to find myself a match. But things happened as they were. I didn't even intend to keep him long that time but something he said captured my curiosity. We're certainly not in a single parent chat line but he sounded like he was. He sounded like he badly needed someone to talk to then so I stayed. Eventually we found comfort and ease from each other and from then on a mere conversation turned into an extraordinary chat. Things happened fast more than we expected although not all we've planned are as successful but we keep on trying and taking every possible chance as we get them.

Unlike before, online dating can now be classified as a norm rather than a private niche for individuals who are in search for their future spouses. Although chat rooms nowadays became a little more define according to peoples’ inclination, race and status. This means an easier and faster way for singles alike to look for a place to meet and chat. It's never been easy to gain trust when it comes to virtual relationship building. It takes true, unselfish intention to make it work.

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