May 30, 2009

This morning, my younger brother and I talked about the proposed project which is my mini place. As I already have mentioned here, he planned it and designed it as well. He'd been out looking for somebody to do the job and informed me late this afternoon that he already found one. Good thing he's just a friend and he's bound to start the job come Monday next week. I get excited somehow at least I will be able to gradually see its progress soon. I don't know yet how long will it take for them to accomplish the project though because I still have to look at the available funds. We already purchased the materials that are needed for the first few steps till they lasts and until then we will do what's next.

Actually the initial plan was just a plain room but then I was wanting to have my own bathroom as well so instead of just an extension to our house, it will be then built separately so the place will now compose of 3 mini rooms (bed, bath and mini living room) so that's why I call it my soon to be mini place. But regardless of its size, what matter to me most is a private place of my own. I'm not a very organized person but I'll always see to it that my place is clean and free from any unwanted annoyance.

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