May 9, 2009

They've been there but I seemed to be so occupied to notice their presence. I'm talking about this blog's follower. They're not too many and I personally don't know most of them... yet they still care. Now it's my time to care... my time to return the favor with the warmest "thank you" to the following from the bottom of my (broken?) heart.

Jenny of Me and my Shadow

Krishan Kant (can't seem to find your link
:-( )

Lynn of Lynn's Chic Spot

Yen of Heavenly Delight

Cecile of Small and Simple Things & Kitchen... the Heart of our Home

Benchiegrace of All about Life, My so called life & Precious Moments and

JK of See Me for What you Will


naks, touch naman ako...your always welcome...happy blogging


wow! touched naman ako. anytime sis. and thank u too. mwah!

how's ur leg cramps na? are u planning to see a doctor? get well soon.


you're most welcome sisters :D

Lynn, no more leg cramps...haha! Never wanted it! not even a bit! and no need not to see a doctor, my daughter can well take care of me. She's far more better than a doctor, LOL!


wow, super touching naman tong post mo, dear :-) salamat ha, nakaka flatter eh;-)...oh by the way, Happy Mother's Day, dear :-)...ingat!


thanks din sa visits mo at mga messages...


Hi thank you for the mention... Hope your feeling well... Hope you start to prosper again.. Hope you come to see all that is important to you... Hope you dont go away from your blogs again... Hope to see you back on top again... Well Happy Mothers day to you, and all the other mommys..


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