May 20, 2009

I'm a very private type of person. I always wanted to have my own place where I can be on my own, live as I want and do my own chores especially online without too much distractions and interruptions I get from the people around me.

I am living with my mom since I came in from Cebu and share a room with her. Not that I am being ungrateful about it but working in a living room where every body else is in and out or where kids are playing around if not watching TV is too overwhelming. So I raise to my mom the idea of extending our house with one more room for me which she of course agreed.

My younger brother will help me conceptualize with the design. This morning while I'm looking online for possible information that would help us further with this small project, I came across with Washington Roofer. They are known for providing prompt, quality roofing customer service in the Washington D.C. area. Well needless to say, I think this picture here would describe what they meant when it comes to quality roofing, materials and service wise. Oh how I wish I get the same service they offer from here. Anyway, the project will be started hopefully next month so wish us luck!


Hi Nancy =D goodluck on the project, looks and sounds like fun =D


btw, hope u had a good weekend as I did =D *muah*


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