May 23, 2009

life, sacrifices, dreams and chances

Posted by Nancy G. Janiola at Saturday, May 23, 2009
Another week is about to end. One more week and another month of the year will be over. And the more it gets closer, the more sadness sets in to me cause sooner or later two of the most important part of my life I know will be away again from me. But that was all about it. They need to go to school so they have to leave. I still have life to live too and a lot of more important things to do other than stressing my self out thinking of how lonely and empty would that day be. Of course I will miss them as I do always and maybe shed some tears. After all, I'm still not good in handling so long and farewells...

However on the lighter side, there's some sort of excitement that is starting to shape up now inside me. Yesterday my brother already started to clear up the space where my place would soon be built. There will only be some few parts of the house that might get affected though but he sure can take care of it. He as well imaginatively showed me details of the place and some particular fixtures like the faucets, kitchen sink and where they will be placed. Oh, I just simply can't wait to get the job started. But of course I need to be a little more patient till then. I can only settle for now imagining how is it like having your own little place to live where you can be on your own. Just you and yourself... alone...



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