Jun 27, 2009

I was watching different Michael Jackson's death related videos from YouTube earlier and I am really impressed how the King of Pop had still successfully gathered million of his fans and supporters not on a huge performance event but this time on the least expected and the so startling death scene of his. It's all over the TV, radio and print news headlines.

However would you believe that while a lot of people are grieving from different places all over the world, there were also some who condemned his death? I just kinda lose of track as to where I have read some offensive comments about his death but one goes something like:

"I can't believe how people forget the evil side just because he is a star and famous. He deserves his new home now... and that is hell!"

How pathetic!
I don't know what the motive of this man and some others were but I hope these people do realize that MJ was once a human too with imperfections just like all of us. I'm not really a big fan of his but I am quite aware how he inspired millions of people like no other. He may not be able to complete the pre announced comeback to the music scene, no new songs to share, but the legacy he leaves behind is so rich and unparalleled.


Talaga me ganun? Michael did a lot of great things din naman so how can they forget the good and dwell on the bad? Ayan binaligtad ko ang tanong, sige nga sagutin nga nila yan, haha.

But seriously, I feel saddened by his sudden death. I'm not really a fan but I love his songs.

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hearing those things is not something new anymore, sis. well, daming taong ganon eh. yun bang walang magawa sa buhay. feeling great kumbaga, feeling righteous and all.

oh well, yaan na natin sila.

i am not a fan of MJ too but i feel sad about this event too. he is a big loss in the music industry jud but nevertheless,he'd remain the king of pop. diba?

happy weekend sis and thank u so much for the help yesterday. mwah!


Liza: sana mabasa nung nag post ng comment etong article na'to pati yung tanong mo na rin para magkaalaman na, haha!

Lynn: No problem sis, as long as I can. Hope you enjoy your new layout!


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