Jun 24, 2009

Another one great experience I have had in Cebu aside from exploring new places was meeting different people from different races. I made quite several acquaintances and got the chance to chit chat with them. It’s not as easy to carry a smooth conversation with them though because some of them don’t speak the universal language. But somehow, I appreciate the way they have tried to be understood. That experience made me learn a lot of new things such as their culture, attitude and manners. But to me the most interesting part was the chance to get introduced to their local foods and other kitchen recipes. Some of the Japanese and Italian recipes are the best I have ever tasted so far. I even got the chance to make one easy to prepare Japanese dish one time and everybody just loved it.

Well anyway speaking of recipes, I have good news to all moms, kitchen enthusiast and to all others who are just learning and starting to love cooking. I know we Filipino families no matter how big or small always find ways to celebrate each important occasion be it a personal, social or national occasions. We have the attitude of sporting our best delicacies to our friends and visitors in a grand and festive banquet.This time you may want some new addition to your menu list. These recipes are only a few clicks away.

EfoodDepot, the largest ethnic supermarket provides over 4500 various ethnic food products and over 4000 recipes for various food dishes from all over the world. They provide quality ethnic food and hard to find Asian, African, Indian, European, Middle Eastern, South American food online for a flat shipping rate of only $4.99. You may want to check out their website at www.efooddepot.com for your order and further details.


I don't think that eFoodDepot is a legitimate website. I placed an order there about 6 weeks ago. It has never arrived and there has been no response to my phone messages, e-mails or attempts to contact them by the "contact us" form on their website. Their "live help" button is always offline. Their 888 number goes directly to a voice mail for another phone number and never even gives the name of the company. If you look up the number where the calls go, it is just an unlisted cell phone number


Yes, I do not receive my mechant too!


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