Jun 24, 2009

If I were to mention one thing that I am being grateful about, that would be us (my family) having a house that we can call our own. Our family had lived for over 20 years on a rented old wooden house before my mom finally had the chance to build our own. That 20 plus years of paying the monthly rent could have had already built us one but I'm proud of my parents because they chose to send us all to college first and provide what we need so on that part there's no room for any regret.

We don't live in a classy, elegant house but something beyond external look is what we can be proud of. The construction process and details were closely monitored from day one to finish and everything built were in its proper places. So on this aspect, we no longer need to spend for home inspection service like what most ready to purchase big houses usually requires. I know there are people who prefer to settle in a furnished house. In one way or another, it is a reasonable choice but I believe it is also a smart decision to consult a well-informed inspectors such as Baltimore Home Inspection service to make sure you're not losing your hard earned money on a bad investment. It pays to be always perceptive than to be sorry at the losing end.

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