Jun 30, 2009

Here's to continue the Michael Jackson's fever. Yesterday, I was spending the whole morning watching videos of his live performances in YouTube. Since I was never really a big fan, a curiosity from out of nowhere suddenly bump into my head as to how does MJ and his dance troupe do that deceptive move of leaning 45 degree forward in the song "Smooth Criminal".

A US patent number 5255452 filed in 1992 explains how they made what our naked eyes believed impossible possible. The shoes was invented by the legend himself and two others.

click on the patent number or the image to read more

Watch them do the move in this video.

With or without stage tricks, Michael still has the most exceptional talent in both singing and dancing... well for me at least.


wow! I didn't know that. thanks.


now you know :D

thanks Rossel and you're welcome!


just learned about the shoes but with or without those, he still is a total performer and the one and only king of pop. righty? (",)


no argue... that's right lynn :-D


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