Jul 5, 2009

The other day my friends and I had an exchanged of plurks regarding blog advertising. One complained about a certain affiliate and for some reasons believe it as a scam while the other brought up the endless conflict between two big companies on the web and how they grind bloggers to test.

I don't have much deep understanding of the details and the technicalities of their issues but there is only one thing that's clear for me. It's the wicked side of the online business industry... the outrageous competition! One must excel after the other at the expense of poor web owners and publishers.

Sigh! I have nothing against these two companies. They both have helped me in one way or another. But I just wish I don’t have to be punished for a few dollars earned by doing reviews.


la ko nasayud ani sis da. unsang ng duha ka company. i offline unya ko. LOL.


ay kaning duha ka giant companies sa web sis...cge lang i offline ra nya nako nimo, hehe!


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