Aug 10, 2009

I wonder how it was like when Freddie Mercury had passed away. All I know is he was a total performer. I have a copy of some of their live concerts and they were simply amazing.

MM Entry #12


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  1. Jottings From Jersey
  2. Cafe au Lait
  3. Tricia (Proud Mommy)
  4. Pie
  5. Therapy Home - Celine Dions Seducess Me
  6. Hot Celebs
  7. Phat - Woman
  8. PrettyFireFly here
  9. Witty Ways
  11. Marites Pinaylighterside
  12. Gorgeous Nelly Lex Yeux Ouverts
  13. Mike Seeger Shakin Up the Acorns
  14. Shinade~Its In The Rain~
  15. Lynn (*Lynns Chic Spot*)
  16. Joyoz Journal
  17. Things i Heart
  18. Faisal Admar - Deeper Conversation
  19. You are next...
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Happy Music Monday!


off topic, sis. i hv a favor to ask. if that "lei_d" girl from my plurk asks for my blog's new url, please do not give it. tnx. =)


Never get bored to hear this song. Great choice of MM! Mine is also up, you can check from My Children N Me's site.


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