Aug 7, 2009

Here's a peek of a new and barely accomplished project of mine that I was sporting in some of my previous posts here. It's a three-roomed structure, now livable and in few days time, I am considering of moving in. But I also have pondered, having it painted first while it is still clear and empty is a wise decision too. By doing so, I'm getting a future problem out of the way.

For the colors, I haven't decided yet. Tints of yellow, green, purple and blue are among my options though I still have to look around the web to get more information and suggestions.


I bet you pick a nice color...


i'd paint it with something light to create the illusion of space. but if u want to be eclectic, you can have each part of the house painted with different colors similar to the PBB house but the catch is you should choose the colors of ur furniture well coz they should match or else u'd end up having a house that may be colorful but appears disorganized. =) just my 2 cents.


thanks Eymi. I have thought of that too yung illusion of space na sinasabi mo. I just wanted an easy color and maybe add up something later when more ideas comes to mind. :D


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