Sep 29, 2009

At first I was too hesitant to hit the orange button that says SAVE after I uploaded the new HTML code coz I knew I'm gonna miss its old look. I simply love the color combination and the fabulous concept of this layout but knowing that it is named FASHIONHOLIC by its creator, I understand that it is designed for FASHION blogs so technically the contents of this page doesn't seems to fit the theme itself so I feel the need to change it.


The only thing that bothered me with this template on the other hand was the header's image although it has been taken cared of already as you can see. The rest of the features and especially the color yellow are just fine. Thanks to JK for suggesting that lovely yellow hearts on the top left side of the header. It looks pretty simple but it symbolizes the over all theme and what this page is all about so to me it's just perfectly placed there.

Apart from the blogroll, the rest of the page elements were already set. Although there's nothing to worry because all the links were safe...I have it all copied... all I need is the time to put it back and hopefully I can get it all done later tonight.


ow this is just lovely.. weeeh nahiya naman ako bigla.. nasa aken pa ang old template mo :(

i love the yellow heart ha! by the way fave mo ba ang yellow my dear?


oi sis, wa na ko nakurat. haha!

balo diay ka change sa header? no earth jud ko anay ay. and yes,the hearts look better. (",)


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