Sep 9, 2009

I've seen these links if not photo thumbnails (usually there's three of them) under each post done by many bloggers that I've come to visit with. Initially, I thought it's just another blogging trend so I didn't bother to look. Last night as I was blog hopping, I just happened to see it again. Seems like every page I came across with are wearing it except mine. I then followed the link and looked through what it has for a curious mind like I have.

The caption Don't Let Your Past Stories Go to Waste caught me. So this is what these badges and links are all about. LinkWithin will retrieve and index all stories from your blog archive that is somehow related to your current post making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would who haven't encountered your old entries. And take note, they do it for free! So I said, why not link this site within my blogs as well. And yes, with just a few clicks, voila! Oh how happy I was seeing my old posts without even the slightest effort of going through my archive.

Note: This is no paid post but you too can submit your blogs to them (for free) and see how they do wonders for your advantage.

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