Oct 30, 2009

AU PAIR. You probably have heard about it already. But not me! For 31 years I never knew that such kind of job exist. Not until I have stumbled an Au Pair site yesterday and discovered what it's all about.

Let me quote a brief explanation here:

An au pair or nanny is normally a single girl or boy, aged 17-30, who helps a host family with childcare and sometimes housework, whilst living as a guest in their home. Au pair programs were originally designed with the intent for people to come together and exchange cultures, thus an au pair usually lives with a family in a foreign country whilst learning their language and exploring their culture.

Whilst living with a family, an au pair participates not only in childcare but also in other related activities, ranging from light housework to babysitting, or even helps older children develop particular skills (such as learning a new language or sport).

Being an au pair for a family, and in turn, a guest in their home, the au pair tends to participate in many of the family activities and is treated as part of the family. Thus, participating in an au pair programme can, therefore, be a very exciting and interesting experience for both the au pair and the family.

Although in some other countries, a nanny is more likely to have professional childcare qualifications and/or first aid training. This is often seen as being particularly important when there are very young children to be cared for.

Anyway, before I continue, let me just want to clear up that this is a non-paid post. Why am I sharing this information here because I think this is a great opportunity and may help those who are seeking for their chances abroad! Membership for both parties (au pair & interested families) is absolutely free!

I even tried it myself to see if I will be able to get responses although I'm not really sure if this is the kind of thing that I wanted to do. You can try it too! You can visit here to create a free account and who knows, this might be the opportunity that have been waiting for.

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