Oct 6, 2009

Mom unexpectedly had a house full today. My younger sister, Thea along with my nieces surprised us a visit and decided to stay for few days. You know kids... they always have this effortless ways to brighten up the day but being a ‘whip to shape’ kind of person that I am, having them can be a disaster too! Good thing big brother has ways to keep them from messing up around....and that's letting them watch their favorite kiddy movies. The problem is the marathon becomes endless once hooked. I pity my brother because he's so much into sports channel and has his favorite basketball team he tries to unfailingly watch everyday while doing his home-based job but now he can't.

Seeing the situation implies me the idea of getting a new television set as well as awesome programming services like Direct TV has. As we all know Direct TV satellite TV has great deals and offers on all of their packages, ranging from you basic needs all the way to the ultimate television programming experience. For every sports fan like my brother, there's Direct TV's exclusive, the NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB, soccer, rugby, college sports and even the prestigious LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) so what more from Direct TV offers can you ask for?

Well, it's actually part of my projects now that I am living on my own but getting my needs and wants all at one time is just way impossible. But yea, maybe I can consider the TV set on top of the rest. Somehow having one nowadays is more of a necessity than just want. Aside from entertainment purposes, it is a top medium too to keep us informed.

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