Oct 23, 2009

I'll be a busy mom again in the next two weeks and like the usual, I like it! My daughters are having their break from school and I'm happy they decided to spend it with me. Well the good news was one thing that made me less worried despite the absence of my internet connection on its second day today.

Yesterday, apart from having a movie marathon, I also did some chores to keep the day going. I have to make sure everything is in place as I've waited for the girls to show up my door. The bathroom needs disinfected and the bed covers need changed. Moreover, even if my bed is new, cleaning it thoroughly at least once in a while is a must to keep bed bug bite pictures away especially from my daughters and nieces' skin. It's definitely a big NO for any pests in my bedroom so I always have multi- insect killer in a handy.

After having dinner, I was hoping to tuck myself early to bed too with the girls but I was in awe when I finally able to browse a page early tonight. I felt so left behind for like ages so obviously now I am catching up... and it's already 2:16 at early dawn. Will try to catch some sleep in a short while.

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