Oct 13, 2009

My cellphone clock says its 7am but I opened the window and it looked like its just 5am. Another gloomy and chilly morning we have today. The bed is still so tempting but I need to get up to get some pending online tasks done.

While changing clothes, I noticed my scar from an operation just about two years ago is healing quite well. From around 4-5 inches, it went down to 1.5 and its color changes too. Now it looks like it's just an ordinary scar and I'm happy it don't look terrible no more unlike before.

I still remember what my doctor exactly told me then while we had our final talk before we check out the hospital. She reminded me to observe complete balance diet, soft meals, less carbohydrates and no more slimming agents. Of course I took them all religiously as advised and I don't think I still need my slimming tea that time because I lost about 6-8 pounds after the surgery. That was such a huge relief after aiming so hard of losing weight for 5 years.

However, nearly a month after I'm starting to feel inadequacy with my food intake. Oat meals, cereals and fruits doesn't seems to be enough so I tried rice again... half a cup for each meal but no more meat of any kind except fish. It worked a while. Yea, just for a while because after I feel I'm already healed, everything just turns back to normal and little did I realize that I'm no longer helping it.

Now I'm back with the same weight issue again. I tried the same slimming tea back but I can't seem to stand its smell and after taste no more. I need something new and refreshing... something like Promedis ready to drink protein shakes. It has different flavors that will suit your taste for a drink. I believe a right attitude is also essential in observing a diet/slimming program. Who would be inspired and happy to drink such bad smelling teas or supplements for a diet/slimming purposes?

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