Oct 22, 2009

Hi... it's good to be back on again. I hope with a much better, uninterrupted internet service this time. Whatever their reasons for that another 48-hour breach, I still want to know but I opt to stay calm and not to bother yet as much as I want to avoid unpleasant argument.

I have so much to worry about in life than to waste my time crying over spilled milk. And please... my PMS driven pimples are working on their way out from my forehead now and I don't need them developing into such terrible acne before they could even disappear. Unless of course if I have guaranteed effective skin care solution like exposed acne treatment. But even so, it is still the very least thing I could ask.

Anyway, my silence doesn't mean an approval of what have had just happened. I have the right to know as far as I'm concerned as I am promptly paying my dues. What I so extremely dislike about this company is that, they don't actually have the customer's much needed round the clock technical support in which I believe is their major flaw being an internet service provider. Even a short courtesy or a quick advisory perhaps is seems too much for them to adhere. (SIGH!) If I only have a better choice.

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