Oct 1, 2009

This week I've been busy watching updates and blogging about the tropical storm Ondoy that devastated most cities and nearby provinces in Southern Manila four days ago. It's so disheartening to watch people especially children and even newly born babies drifted out in the cold, homeless and don't know where to turn to when the monstrous flood brought by the storm swept away their houses.

As of this writing, thousands of people are temporarily placed in certain evacuation sites. Dry but may not be safe as the place lacks of hygiene facilities that may cause different forms of epidemic to rise according to health authorities.

Environmental experts explained that the occurrence of calamities are now inescapable due environmental degradation done by rich nations that caused the global climate change... and now the poor nations has to taste its horrible impacts.

Oh well, the damage has been done. Times like these, pointing fingers will not really help and as we are bound to face the aftermath of other people's irresponsible doing, the best thing there is left to do is to be heedful on things that are happening around. Equipping ourselves with useful household gadgets like 24v lights in case of power outage is a must. Power is always cut in cases like this to avoid further accidents. Proper waste disposal also plays a vital role to prevent floods. But of course this is not just a one-man task. It's everybody's. And if we start treating Mother Nature right, she surely will embrace us back.


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