Oct 18, 2009

Unlike before, dealing a day without electricity became a little easier now... as long as there's always something to do enough to combat a day of boredom.

Yesterday, since I have no way to get online I played a family's manicurist. I started with mom's toe nails. She didn't really plan of having them done till she saw me with the manicure kit. She asked and since I know doing mine would only take less than an hour so I did her first. She had plum on for her polish.

Then here came my sister, Thea. I rarely do it for them so I yea, I said okay. I painted hers pure ice's lawn green. Surely my neck got stiff and my back was hurting so bad but mine still needs done.

Shortly after taking a break, I started doing mine. Thanks God, I made it all the way through without hurting myself. Anyway, here's my newest set of nail polish. They're all from pure ice. and I got them from JK. He notice I love painting my nails so he sent me some along with other stuffs from the last package.

The yellow one that I have on now says "excuse me", the blue one with stardust says "strapless" (weird!) while the green one says a "wild thing". I like three of them but I have tried the yellow and the green one so far.

Trivia: Cutting your nails straight across is the healthy and the right way to do it. It prevents ingrown from developing. Then gently file it in one long stroke to have a smooth finish. Jagged nails can catch on clothes that may potentially cause nails to tear or break.


Wow sis Nancy na busy diay ka dha sa inyo nails ha..Ako tawon ga lisod na kay dako ayo ako tummy..Ga french tip rko pra if ma erase ang white tip ako ra sapawan mentras limpyo pa ako nails hehe!!Knahanglan jud magtuon dri kay mahal man kaayo magpa pedicure oi..


nice colors!

By the way, I am trying to generate some support for our daughter. I entered her into a Smile Contest, so if you could please vote for her (just once), the contest runs until October 31st. Your vote would be so much appreciated.

To cast your vote, please go to this link. Please look for Jillian Rylie Cottrill.

Thank you very much for your help!


puwede pa manicure pud ko nimo sis.two weeks na ko la ka pa manicure ba. schedule ko na dapat. lol.


sure joops...will head to your site in a short while... good luck to little Jillian!


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