Oct 14, 2009

I've read some articles from Google on how to auto logoff user after closing a program in Windows. This usually happens to standard workstations just like perhaps where you work at. Well I just found an answer for such query.

Screen Pass is a screen locking system for Windows® that extends the capability of the standard workstation lock and gives network administrators complete control over idle workstations.

After administrator defined idle period has exceeded. Screen Pass can be configured to automatically log off if the screen saver is running and inactivity continues past a second administrator defined timeout. The automatic log off can also be configured to occur after an admin defined time of day. During automatic log off unsaved changes in open applications are discarded. The automatic logout action can be set to logout, restart, shutdown, or power down.

This technology reminds me of the company I once worked with. Wish I could recommend this one to my former boss.

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