Oct 16, 2009

It's 5:43 am. Done checking mails, replied to people who wrote in my cbox, added new links and just went through reviewing my home page's posts. Doing so really made me miss my polaroid digital camera so bad. It has been a while of blogging without it. For whatever reasons, it just died on me and haven't got the time to have it checked yet. I refuse to use my web camera because it is just too inconvenient plus you need to do a lot of editing before you can use its taken pictures... sigh!

But blogging must go on even if it's sad and I mean really sad without it. I just hope Google will be kind to let my PR stay at least until after Christmas... or as long as it may have to will be real great! Wish I have the guarantee...hahaha! I can start listing down my Christmas wishes right on if that's the case.

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