Oct 3, 2009

Yea, yea, I know it's late but I still get to watch it anyway.

Well there are two reasons why I bought this DVD even if I'm not so fond watching this kind of movie.

One, I have nothing much to do and I don't wanna get bored while waiting for my internet connection to come back yesterday. Sadly it took more than a day. Two, my daughters Kate and Naureen have been aching to watch this movie.

I know it's been months since it was released but if I were to buy black marketed DVDs I'd rather not do it on the first few days the movie were shown. Why? Because I know for sure the vendors can't give you a clear copy of it. No offense meant to the Optical Media Board but there's nowhere to get original DVDs around here in my place.


na ako kay di jud ko ganahan tanaw mga horror flicks oi. bahala na. haha.

oi sis, pr3 diay ka diri. congrats! (",)


salamat, sis :D
uu, nabalik ra jud tawon pero kung hangtud kanus-a, wala jud ko nasayod, hahaha!


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