Oct 16, 2009

I'm a very quiet type of person, I must say. I prefer to hear and sometimes listen than talk and most of the time I prefer not to lock up but just be myself in my room... alone.

But there are times that I get bored too and would just love to explore beyond my own little world. That is where some of my frustrations in life take place. Like when I was in college, I so wanted to join a mountain climbing group. Not knowing whether I can do it or not but deep inside me I know I probably can. I just lack support and encouragement since I am so fond of keeping my dreams to myself.

Then here came the enthusiasm to learn how to drive. Back in Cebu, my friend and I had talked about enrolling into a driving school for a formal lesson but then again it didn't push through because I needed to go back to Davao before we could even bring ourselves to that school where we are planning to get our lessons from.

Car is not a necessity for me but I believe learning how to drive is an important skill somehow. I don't own one but it doesn't hurt to dream for one, does it? And if I have to have one, I would love it speedy and with awesome performance. I know... my imagination is starting to run wild now. As wild as Nissan supercharger or any supercharger you can think of! I know these dreams are beyond the bounds of possibility for now but who knows what lies ahead?

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