Nov 17, 2009

Thirty Seven (37) days until Christmas! How's the enthusiasm there? Mornings are getting colder here in my part of the world. Lights and lanterns are up and so is the tree. How 'bout yours?

I know many of you are just as excited as we are but hey while preparing those decors, I'd like to invite you as well to check out yet another biggest event shall I say in the world of food preparation to take place ten days earlier than the most awaited time of the year - the Eden's December 14 event (breaking the world record), mainly participated obviously by the Philippine's biggest and popular nutrients packed cheese maker, Kraft.

As much as we Filipinos love to prepare healthy meals for our family, I am also proud to say that Filipinos are undeniably competent when it comes to discovering new recipes and food preparations. So in this event, I am inviting you to take part by bringing out the best of your best cheese recipes and become a part of the history.

I have mine ready for submission in a short while. I call it cheesy vegetable pizza - a Japanese inspired recipe but here I added lots of grated Kraft Eden cheese in it making its taste more suitable to Pinoy's palate.

Let's help make Philippines' Christmas the merriest this year. It's 27 days to go but the earlier you participates the better. We've done it in sports, now we can do it again in the world of wellness!

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