Nov 14, 2009

I wasn't aware that yesterday was Friday the 13th. That reminds me of the article I posted here. There's no big deal, really.

Anyway, as early as 5 O'clock this morning a holler from my mom woke me up... announcing that my cousin, Vien already gave birth to her first baby yesterday... on Friday the 13th. Bizarre but it's actually no new to us. My brother next to me was born on the same occasion.

Vien and I haven't talk yet since she arrived in Davao somewhere in October. She must have wanted to be close to her family while she delivers her baby, thus the decision to come home all the way from Australia. Well, congratulations cuz and welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood. We are all looking forward to see you and the baby, whenever it maybe possible. Hope Bert can send us some pictures online too. We can't wait!

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