Nov 6, 2009

Putting up and decorating a Christmas tree is fun thing to do as always. Some do it as early as October others every after Halloween while there are those who put it up on the first of December. What about you? Have you had yours done yet?

This morning while on my way to pay my Internet bill, I passed through this newly opened Korean owned store here in our place. I got snoopy so I headed back to see what's in there.

Dumbfounded, I was when one of the salesperson told me that they have been open since October 21st so I was like "WOW! Where have I been?"

Anyway, it was like a mini department store that sells almost everything you need from garments, footwear, kitchen wares, electronics, school supplies, accessories, jewelries and many more. Of course on top of them all are shoppers most sought after Christmas decors. Everything you need for the holiday is almost there plus they cost way cheaper compared to mall's prices.

Oh, and there's my kind of tree up there! Typical green is fine but I always prefer white with silver and blue accent. The last time I had one up was Christmas 2007 ... wish I could do it again this year.


i've always preferred the traditional christmas tree. combination of red and green - which is the color of christmas right?

our christmas tree has always been green and the ornaments has always been red. hee hee.

merry christmas sis! (",)


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