Nov 10, 2009

As usual I feel sad again waking up one morning missing that green little thingy on my sidebar that represents the relevance of my blog to search engines particularly in Google. Just how stupid of me to have assumed that Google do the PR update once in every quarter.

Well that's according to a certain SEO related article which I happened to read somewhere long ago. If that's the case then, a lurker or something must have been sneaking around my updates here. It was only early last month when I got my PR 3 back as a result of some goal setting that I made and now it's gone again. This I think is the 3rd time that it happened just for this year alone.

Should I be bothered? Yes, a little especially when I already have thought of becoming a Santa for the kids and the "kids at heart" this year but I just got an indication it may not be happening. Well, too early to tell, though. Who knows!!!

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