Dec 18, 2009

My sister and I went to check out a holiday store caravan from one of the biggest malls in Davao here in our place the other day. We both really have no intention to shop as we just wanted to see how the place looks like and whether it's worth visiting or not. The location was a bit far but of course they offer more to shopper's need compared to the local stores nearby.

It is actually one of the few things people here in my town have been dreaming of... for our place to at least have one of the city's malls counterpart. Soon, on the same site and location where the caravan is, the same store will make that dream come true for us. In less than a year, people will no longer have to incur hours just to get themselves to the nearest city where big department stores are. I say thumbs up to our local government for this smart risk taking decision. This won't only mean convenience but it likewise open job opportunities to trim down the unemployment rate of the place.


i have lots of friends who actually are in davao. :)

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nice to hear that solo.thanks for hopping by here :)


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