Jan 12, 2010

New Year's Resolution! I first came across with this 1st of January craze during my first year in high school. I've always been eager back then to think ahead and list them down on a paper knowing that as soon as our class resumes our teacher would ask us to write what our new year's resolution will be. Simple and innocent resolutions from an innocent mind - perhaps that's what made it easier to put them all into practice.

Time changes and so we are and our perspective in life. Unlike before, making New Year's Resolutions now is something I am so reluctant about of doing, afraid that I may not be able to keep them. Often, I just go as I do and just deal with what life has to toss at me from here and there. Although I make plans and they are just usually according to what I need to do and achieve in a particular time.

For the thing that I do pretty much everyday which is online publishing, I really aimed for a much more deeper comprehension especially in the areas of business web directory, traffic and page ranking - not only for this year but all through out my blogging years. I have been managing four - all monetized blogs - full time and I promise it's never really as easy like what other people think. But of course there's also joy in it and each earning blogger knows what they are!

For my both immediate and extended family... well, they are my constant spark and will always be. I can't imagine doing everything I do in life without them. For the rest, I guess it is safer to say that my unrelenting resolution goes out to them whatever they may be.

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