Jan 29, 2010

From blogging and SEO let's jump in to the world of music this time. Beyond the awareness of many, this blog was originally created out of my extreme passion to music. In my initial entries, I listed down the lyrics and embed/links of my favorite songs and videos, interesting facts and info of my favorite artists and other music related posts. But dullness suddenly sets in until I find myself spending more and more time with my other blogs and doing some other things online - leaving this page to dry.

Again I may have lacked the motivation when I did until JK reminded me of it one day. His suggestion was to turn it into a useful blog where I can write about many things and not just focus on a single subject. The new theme was cored on several things that I love doing and writing about, thus the name Things I Heart...

If you notice, music is still on top of the subtitles. It is because there are still many interesting music-related subjects out there that I someday want to talk about such as the classic musical instruments like the famous kawai piano during the olden times (if you ever heard about it), their origins and uses.

I so wanted to learn how to play this instrument when I was a kid but the cost to own one was too much for my parents to afford back then. Now, I've spotted one of my daughters having the same enthusiasm. Wish she could still hang on to that interest till I can get her even just a basic piano for a good start someday.

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