Jan 7, 2010

Yesterday, I've watched JK via web camera while he tried to roll out his car on his way to work on the road packed with thick sheets of snow. Man, it really looks so terrible. I can't imagine myself stuck into such situation and I really felt so sorry for him and his car. Somehow I thought if it was me, I would get my car a metal shed or something just so to keep it dry and safe when not in use.

Snow is really a wonderful thing to watch especially for us who don't get to experience it but I know it has its downside too. So people who deal and live with it should have safe outdoor storage like metal garden shed or perhaps a metal garage ready to prevent their belongings from damages brought by the heavy snowing. Well, just my two cents.

Anyway, back to the story. He actually never made it to work yesterday seeing all his wheels could do was spin so he's left with no choice but to stay home, phoned his boss and spent the rest of his day online with me.

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