Feb 12, 2010

If I know this is one of the so many fun applications of the top rated social media site these days - Facebook. I was surprised when a friend posted this on my wall some weeks ago. At first glance I already had this instant idea on what the image is all about, hahaha! Do you see what I see???

Anyway, I'm impressed how an old friend has thought of me in such a unique way. His name is Marvin - an old college acquaintance. He came across with my name on FB one day and that's how I got him into my friend's list. Thanks, sweet friend!

I'm not a big FB user really but I'm amazed how this site connects people who have lost touch for so many years. A few friends and classmates both from high school and college have found me so far. I know some other social media sites have their own ways too of drawing people together but Facebook still stands out among them all - well at least in my own opinion.


oi, hapit na diay imo bday, sis. advance happy bday! (",)


Happy birthday to you...


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