Feb 21, 2010

Yes, I will!

Here's the meal we've shared during mine and my niece, Inah's joined birthday celebration we held last Wednesday, 17th. Happy birthday to us!!!

Surprisingly we forgot that it was Ash Wednesday and we had one pork dish on our table. But we didn't let it bother us much seeing everyone was more drawn to filling their tummy up all they can, LOL!

We had three chicken dishes (roast, strips and stew), grilled pork and milkfish and an assortment of desserts (cake, mango float, fruit salad and of course the kids and kids at heart all time favorite, ice cream). Indeed it was a night of tolerance to those who are on a diet program... but definitely not me.

And here are some of our pictures. From the left is me while doing the crispy chicken strips with my niece, Jam. Then there's Inah, at the center and lastly my sister, Joyce and I in a tricycle on our way to do the shopping early that day. Click image to enlarge.

Trivia: To non-believers, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent season that occurs exactly 40 days (not counting Sundays) before Easter. In the Roman Catholic Church it is observed by fasting, abstinence from meat (particularly pork meat) and repentance - a day of contemplating one's transgressions. Read more about it here.


Pass some of the yummy looking foods this way, looks like a great Birthday Feast...


wow, sarap naman and belated happy birthday Nancy and to your niece.


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