Feb 7, 2010

From a so wet and cold January to an extremely humid February - the sudden switch of temperature was so overwhelming. Yesterday, I found some symptoms of dehydration in myself: diarrhea, fever, dizziness and dryness. Initially, I thought I got spoiled but recalling to mind what I have eaten I realized they're all nothing but good food. Then there came JK's conclusion that it's probably caused by the parching weather which I eventually agreed upon.

I admit I lack of fluid intake. I only drink water (not even plenty enough) every after meal and no more in between. But this morning JK was able to convince me to have cold drinks (lemon iced tea, by choice) to replace the much needed fluid I've lost from excessive trots. I've also had non-solid foods ("lugaw") all through out the day - not my kind of food but mother knows best.

I at least feel a little better now. Thanks to my ever caring virtual and in-house physicians.

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